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Mission Statement

Our goal is to offer the most professional and reliable service, by concentrating on what we have defined as our 5 elements of efficiency

Qualified and Dedicated Personnel

The image and success of the Company is determined by the competence and attitude of its employees.

We are very proud of our employees and their accomplishments. Our people come from numerous backgrounds but all have one common goal, service excellence and to be the best in their chosen field.

The Company has an obligation with each and every one of its employees to allow them to develop to the maximum of their abilities. Through controlled growth each employee will discover new domains and at the same time create a motivating and dynamic work environment.

Quality of Service

The Company recognises that service levels coupled with competitiveness are paramount to our client’s satisfaction, ultimately ensuring future support.

We demand of ourselves, service excellence and in order to achieve that goal we have to have quality systems in place. The intrinsic value of our service quality is based upon accomplishing business in the most time and cost effective manner possible. However, we have to be flexible enough to respond to any unforeseen circumstances. Our clients can rely on the agility and experience of our employees to address problems typical of international shipping.

Proactive Sales

Since the Company’s inception, its belief and character has been founded upon our attention to our clients and emphasis on sales and marketing.

We have a dedicated sales force covering the UK, and a network of partners throughout our trade routes to ensure clients receive the ultimate reponse in sales.

Part of our pro activity in sales is based upon sourcing the most cost effective and efficient solution providing the service level required by our clients.

Carrier Partnerships

We are well aware that in order to provide our clients with a competitive unrivalled service, we are only as good as the carrier partner we choose to work with.

Our partnerships are based on trust, longevity and adding value to areas where a ship operator is under market constraints.

Information Technology

The continual development of our IT systems is designed to react to the efficient growth of the business and to meet the demands of our clients. We will ensure that the most innovative technology is tailored to our trading needs.

International Shipping requires the rapid flow of correct information in order to guarantee the success of any task. We are dictated by this need to continually invest in new technology.

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